Saturday, September 8, 2007

Something new...

September 8, 2007

I have had a photographic website for some years. In fact, I have two. They have become cumbersome as it takes quite an effort to update them. The upshot is that they have not been updated in some time and, in that, I have disappointed my viewers and ultimately, myself.

Also, several years ago, I started sending out a weekly photograph to a small number of friends. At first, the list was small, but as the word spread, the list has grown quite large. When the effort began, I called it the PAW, or Photo of the Week. It was an effort to create an "interesting", not necessarily good, photo each week and post it on my website. The PAW was an outgrowth of my membership on the LUG (Leica Users Group) which became, and remains, a project for many members. (It was the idea of Kyle Cassidy) Over time, I started added a commentary of random thoughts and eventually changed the name of the email the "Postcard...".

That brings us to the present and my efforts to find an alternative means to express my thoughts and garner some satisfaction from photography by sharing with others.

Very seldom do I go out specifically to take photographs. However, I carry a camera with me almost always. I have practiced becoming acutely aware of my environment and I tend to see things, or pieces of things, that I believe will make an interesting photograph. Most people never see the majority of things that I notice and find interesting. Serendipity is a good word to describe the photographs I find and record.

If you have any interest in looking at my way out of date websites please look at:

I hope you enjoy what you see and read and I would be interested in your constructive comments. Enjoy!

Dennis A. Mook


Kathy said...

Look forward to the days ahead as you thrill us with your photographs and witty commentary.

billy said...

Hi Dennis,
I was browsing through your photos when I found the link to this blog. I like this. I know it takes time to keep it up, but I will certainly be a regular reader if you decide to get back to it. I haven't seen the bottom two photos: the railroad man, and the shot of the huge rock. Both are beautiful in their separate ways.
Merry Christmas, my friend.